Mini and Mega Mites

For boys and girls ages 4 years and up.  Mini Mites (6U) and Mega Mites (8U) play cross ice to develop their skills on an appropriate sized playing surface.

On October 19th, some of our Mariners InHouse Mites lined up with the Kings for the National Anthem.  Congrats to Colton K, Nolan M, Lucas P, Luke B and Nathan K















Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a goalie?

We have begun encouraging MegaMites to try their hand at goaltending.  We have a set of Quick Change Goalie Gear that goes on over the player's regular gear in 2 minutes and it comes off even faster.

All MegaMites are welcome to give it a try!

You’ll sign up for a Friday practice and the Saturday game!  Friday will be used to learn skills.  During our Saturday Games, your Player will get the opportunity to be the "brick wall"!  There will be an experienced youth Goalie out there giving them guidance during this exploratory experience.

Coach Linda has volunteered to be our MegaMite goalie wrangler. She will compile the list of interested Players.  She'll then create and maintain a schedule in order to assure that everybody gets a try and then gets additional opportunities if their interest remains.  There's no commitment, just a fun look at what it's like to strap on the pads!

If your Player would like to give goaltending a try or if you have any questions, contact:
Coach Linda

Mites Kings National Anthem 10-19-19.jpg



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Pat McCormack

Head Coach of Mariners InHouse Hockey


phone: 805-444-8621

Linda Hunt

Mite Division Head Coach


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