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Little Kings

Welcome to Little Kings at Iceoplex Simi Valley!
We here at Iceoplex created and developed Little Kings and its continuation programs for the Los Angeles Kings.  Our model has been recognized by USA Hockey and the NHL as the most successful of its kind and our model is now being promoted by them across North America.


"To learn how to get a start in Youth Hockey and join in on the fun, please email Coach Pat at"

The fun begins in the spring. Here’s how it works:
These will be the first steps on the ice for most young players. This gives them a head start in anticipation of Little Kings Learn to Play.

This 6-week Program is open to children 5-9 years old, for first time players only. This great program will help your child build character, become a team player, and meet new friends while enjoying the great game of hockey!

Mariners Academy is a continuation program for those who participated in Little Kings Learn to Play.  Skills are developed further and players get a greater sense for the game. Mariners Academy runs for 8 weeks.

Game time is increased and players begin to understand the team concept of hockey. This runs 4 weeks through August.

By September, they’ll be ready for our Mariners InHouse Program!

Private Lessons
Proper technique will enable your player to progress more quickly and give him or her (and you) a greater sense of satisfaction and pride.

Coach Julie has caringly and expertly helped with the Little Kings program teaching skating skills and the players respond quite well to her.  This World Bronze Medalist is available for Private Skating Lessons! 
Coach Julie:



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Director of In-House Hockey


phone: 805-444-8621

Pat McCormack


Gearing Up

Great news!  You will be provided with head-to-toe CCM hockey gear.  Prior to the start of the program, you will receive an email with details about when and where to pick your gear up.  The staff will be providing fit guidelines and helping you and your player get comfortable in his/her new gear.

Helping your new player get dressed for hockey can be scary, especially the first few times.  Luckily, Coach Garrett and Coach Linda have created a video to help.

Feel free to ask for help from coaches or other parents who look like they know what they are doing.  Everyone is "new" at some point in their lives.  We would much rather you ask for help than have your player missing equipment or wearing it wrong, making it both unsafe and uncomfortable!

Quick tips:

  1. Start with your base layers, INCLUDING gender-specific protection

  2. Make sure the socks are secure to the body - there is nothing worse than socks falling down and exposing the shin pads.  It looks bad and also makes it incredibly difficult to get up once the player has fallen.

  3. Make sure the helmet fits well.  Coaches will be looking for helmet security, especially Coach Linda.  All players under the age of 18 must wear a mask.  If the helmet is too loose, it will do nothing to protect a player.  If it's too tight, it's uncomfortable.  We suggest a snug fit around the head and one finger of space on the chin strap.  The chin cup on the mask should be touching the chin.  Refer to the fit guide of the helmet or ask a coach for assistance.

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