Thank you for your continued commitment to the safety and well-being of our Families and Staff here at Iceoplex!


We have been open for limited activities and our Players and Families have been thrilled that we’re back on the ice.  As time passes, more of our normal activities will be permitted.  The current list of permitted activities is contained in the Temporary Policies and Procedures below.  We’ll be modifying this and the Schedule often to accommodate changing conditions.  There will be more details, announcements, and updates as time passes.


Begin by reading the most current Temporary Policies and Procedures and look for updates to our Calendar.  Be sure to print an updated Waiver of Liability for each visit.


You MUST read these:

Temporary Policies and Procedures (Updated 4/12/2021)
Waiver and Release of Liability (Updated 9/22/2020)


Our heartfelt thanks to the best Families in all of sports!  We look forward to seeing your smiling faces soon!


Iceoplex Management and Staff


For boys and girls ages 4 years and up.  Mini Mites (6U) and Mega Mites (8U) play cross ice to develop their skills on an appropriate sized playing surface.  Squirts (10U), Pee Wee (12U) and Bantam (13 and up) play full ice with a referee and scorekeeper.  Everybody makes a team and everyone plays equal amounts of time.  One practice and one game per week, all here at Iceoplex Simi Valley.  Two seasons per year: Fall/Winter (Sept-Feb), and Spring/Summer (Mar-Aug).


Goalie Development Program

Currently on hold due to common sense restrictions on the use of shared equipment

MegaMites, Squirts, and PW/Bantam players who have an interest in goaltending will have the opportunity to strap on the pads and see what it's like to be the last line of defense!

We're also extending this offer to 15 and 16 year olds who have aged out of PWBant and are not playing Travel or High School.

For MegaMites, we have 2 sets of Quick Change Goalie Gear that strap over your regular Hockey gear in two minutes.  For Older Players, we have an assortment of gear to use that we are currently cataloging.

If you're interested in giving it a try, or have played in the past and would like to get back into it, please refer to Division pages